eAcademics(A Best School and Collage ERP with Mobile APP)

04 December 2019

eAcademics Mobile APP is a bridge between Admin ,Teacher and Parents for transparent and direct communication effectively for student success. It’s also synced with our eacademics ERP which is a complete school/College  management Software.

Single Login for all user-types: Admin eachers, Students & Parents

eAcademics APP has 2 Dashboards one for Parent and other for Admin and Teachers Which activate as per their number and their role define by the admin. User can login through OTP verification on registered number in school record.
Benefit of eAcademics ?

·       No need to purchase Bulk SMS for instant information to the parents.

·       Can save the paper for daily information to the parents regarding homework and appreciation card etc.

·       Save the time for appointment and online payment feature etc.

·       Direct information to management for quick decision and verification.

How its useful for Parents .

·       Can get all activity about your kids or ward globally through your mobile set.

·       Auto Push notification on birthday and parent anniversary from school side.

·       Single APP can provide the information for more than one kids.

·       Get your child’s homework or Assignment information along with Pics.

·       All kind of Alerts and notifications.

·       Fee Ledger detail for parents including Online payment utility with secure payment gateway.

·       Get students Result report card on your mobile phone.

·       Get real time location about your child's school vehicle on your mobile device.

·       Photo Gallery updated by school.

·       Daily attendance record of your ward.

·       School and holiday event calendar.

·       Library book availability status

·       Download all kind of form and certificate uploaded by teacher or admin

·       Intimation or warning card

·       Appreciation card

·       Can Send any kind of feedback related to staff which directly show on admin panel

·       Can watch Video uploaded by school.

·       Can request the document like fee certificate , TC etc.

·       Request for appointment with admin ,principle and in charges

·       And many more >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

For Teachers:

·       If a Teacher also a parent then eAcademic work efficiently with single login.

·       With single click can Update the home work

·       Auto update the result from ERP using sync feature or import from excel sheet utility.

·       Communicate with parents on secure real-time platform.

·       Can send the appreciate or warning card to parent related to their ward.

·       Can mark the daily attendance using easy interface

For Schools and administration:

·       Admin Can post any kind information to the parents in single click.

·       Admin can get fee detail

·       Staff attendance using biometric attendance machine

·       Admin can get all information related to individual students

·       Improve staff productivity on the behalf of feedback given by parents

·       Admin can send the bulk SMS to the parents

·       Improve parent and teacher communication, and save teacher ad staff’s time with easy to use and intuitive features.

·       Share school information, events, extracurricular activities, transportation information in real time with parents.

·       Keep parents informed about school activities.

·       Save time and money by reducing repetitive tasks that teachers have to perform.

·       Improve staff productivity.

Feature Detail


Parents or Students can get the all notification on their mobile Phone sent by school/Collage related to Holidays, Fee, Function etc.

Assignment / Homework

Student or Parents can check homework or assignment date wise with Pic if school sent through attachment.

Fee Leger Detail

Parent can check the complete ledger related to their ward fee like total due, Paid and balance for particular period. Parents can make the online payment of due fee through payment gateway.


Parent can see all photos or Pics under gallery option under different category.

Students Attendance

Parent can check the attendance of wards with complete attendance detail date wise with status Present, Leave or absent.

Event Calendar

Under event calendar parent can check complete list or month wise list of events enter by admin or school.

Academics Result

Parents can check the result or their ward detail and summary subject wise with grading as per CBSE , PSEB , Himachal Board etc


Under library section students can check the status of book either book available not in library.

GPS Tracking                      

Parents can check the live location of their ward Bus or Van any time.


Under download section parent can check or download the Docs as per their need uploaded by school for all , Class wise or individual.

Intimation Card

Parents can get the Intimation card related to attendance shortage, Misbehave etc with symbol related Pics.

Appreciation Card

Parents can get the appreciation card related to Result, Games Winner etc with symbol or Pics.


Parents can watch videos uploaded by school category wise any time related to event occurred in school.

Docs Request

Parents can request the docs like Fee certificate, Transfer certificate etc and download the same under download section.




Admin Panel

Mark Attendance

Class in charge or autopsied
Class in charge or any authorized person can Mark the students attendance which imitate update on parent’s dashboard.


Admin or any authorized person can update the Assignment with Pics which imitate update on parent’s dashboard.

Post Notification

Admin or any authorized person can update the notification which imitate update on parent’s dashboard.

Fee detail Chart

Only admin can view this Complete detail of fee cycle wise like Total Due –Received = Balance of particular period. Fee Data synced from eAcademics ERP.

Staff attendance

Admin can check the daily attendance of school or college staff with their IN OUT time. Because the attendance data synced from biometric attendance machine

Student information

Any time admin can view the complete detail of student with their attendance and other record.

SMS Panel

Admin can send Bulk message to parents regarding any kind of instant notification to all or those having no android and IOS Hand set.

Check Feedback

Admin can check the feedback sent by parents so that can easily verify the same accordingly to the Feedback category.

Approve Appointment

As per scheduled admin can approve or cancel the appointment with date and time requested by parent.

Students Attendance 

Admin can check the total attendance of school class wise strength with present or absent status.