Unilead Setup

Unilead setup must installed on computer where we want to run the Unilead products. Unilead setup installed the necessary file to run the usofts products.

Download Unilead Setup

Remote Access Software’s

Remote Access Software are third party software to access another computer over internet.It’s very useful when anyone want to access the computer from remote location. With the help of these software, we can provide instant solution or support to our Clients without visiting on their location.

Important Note – Remote Access of Computer only possible when other person provides the Access Code or allow the user to use their Person Computer.

Client BOS

Ammy admin

Any desk


If anyone Want to Purchase Transitional Bulk Message they have to Print it on Company Letter Head -signed the form with Company Stamp and send it to concerned company from where you want to purchase only then he /She can Send the message.

NDNC form Download

Change of Domain Registrant Detail

To update or Change the registrant information listed in the Whois database or transfer your domain name to a different registrant, then fill the below form and send it to your current services provider.

Download Form