Unilead Services

The team of Unilead is proud to say that they are always able to meet the expectations of their customers. Our clients have often challenged the capabilities and we are proud to say that we thrive on challenges. All our customers have different needs and ours role is to understand the their needs and prescribe a correct set of tools, and implement the new system to run their business smoothly.

Mobile App Development

Native App Development: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

Develop your own unique, exciting and diverse application through our native app development services. All the apps we build are available on various devices! We create responsive, cutting-edge and excellent solutions to all our clients. Our expertise has allowed us to provide apps for various platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. We keep your business requirements in our development standards.

Hybrid App Development: Ionic

Unilead creates hybrid apps by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript! If you have been wanting a hybrid application for your business, we are here to help you out. The Ionic framework brings the desired excellence, which further enhances our ability to do HTML CSS in it.

Web Development

Custom Web Application

Who doesn’t like a custom web application? Unilead will use all the best resources and customize the app according to your needs. We use RAD tools to create these web applications and they are extremely responsive.

CMS Based Websites

Want a content management system based website? Well, you’ve stopped by at the right spot. Unilead CMS based site will help you modify digital content in minutes. We provide endless features and support, that allows you to manage the backend in a smooth manner.

PHP Web Development

This common type of website is a must for most companies. If you don’t have a PHP website yet, Unilead can create a commendable PHP web development system for you. There are various frameworks such as CakePHP, Phalcon, and Laravel. We leverage the best ones to bring the excellence.

.Net Web Development

Produce dynamic web pages with the help of .net web development. Wondering how that is possible for your company? Well, Unilead has an incredible team to create a website for you with the use of MVC. Our organized approach towards the development provides complete security assurance as well.

Ecommerce Web Development

Online businesses and stores are working wonders these days. For all those searching to have their own quick and attractive e-commerce web development, Unilead is the right source for aid. Our affordable solutions help the small e-commerce developments to achieve high ROI.

Web Services (API)

We have API web services that are flexible and will get you the right kind of website you have been wanting. Unilead believes in providing the finest solutions to all their clients.

Payment Gateway Implementation

A payment gateway is essential and necessary for any online store or business, if you want a secure gateway on your site, we have the best payment gateway implementation service. Our experts can even embed the payment process within your site without any trouble.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of driving most customers to your website, through organic searches. For instance, if you own a slimming centre business, you would be recognized by the search engine, not with your name, but with keywords like reduce body fat. SEO is of prime prominence in Digital Marketing, as it generates most clients and that too with minimal costs. On an average, Google changes its algorithm more than once a day. However, the changes are very small but affect some websites. Search Engine Optimizers work on improvising the credibility of the website and optimize it with respect to the Google norms. SEO is the key player in the game of online marketing, which works both On-Page (on the web portal) and Off Page, (behind the scenes). Hence, this is one magic wand, which is the one-way ticket to generate millions of leads online. People usually misunderstand SEO as the key to making your website rank for keywords, while the truth is the major focus of a Search Engine Optimizer is to generate leads.

Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO is a time-consuming process, however, until the time the process is going on. Pay Per Click is one super tool which will get you on the Google Search’s first page by simply investing in accordance with the number of clicks it will generate. Like the name delineates, Pay Per Click! Most people hold a misconception that the more bid you use, the better you would rank. Nevertheless, Google is renowned for the quality it brings to its users; hence, PPC has some constraints too. Your site’s credibility and appropriateness matters in this case. If any other site holds a better reputation in Google’s vision and has places lesser bid, it gets the top rank.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of active users, social media is a perfect place to generate followers. Even evangelists and influencers are best targeted through the social media channels. Now, there are campaigns here as well, to viral a content, build a reputation, revive dead clients, generate new followers, and much more we hit the grounds for more revenue. Now, different platforms have something unique to themselves, and we target the audience differently. If done strategically, Social Media Marketing holds the potential to do wonders.

Web Analytics

To strategize for every aspect in Digital Marketing, analytics play a pivotal role. Now, when the Digital Marketers start with any campaign, it calls for numerous filters, before striking in its most efficient way. To track every dimension of business, Web Analytics is the key. There is a constant requirement for analysis to improvise regularly, be it for any faults, or for efficiency in campaigning. Analytics will describe the number of visitors on your website, their demographics, and location, where they land, where they click, and much more. It is one ingredient to provide best of what we call Digital Marketing.

Email Marketing

Now that, you would gain visitors with the various tips and tricks your Digital marketing person would apply. What if they reach the right place, but do not convert? Therefore, that is when we bring in the concept of Email Marketing. Email Marketing holds an unfailing ability to revive the dead clients, the potential clients that did not get converted, and the current clients whom we purchase more of our services. Email marketing has many types and appeals to the most relevant users.

Page Speed Optimization

With every second of delay, a website would be losing approximately 7% of your visitors. This one aspect is the major reason for people closing a website in less than a minute. Approximately, 90% of all the website visitors search via mobiles or tablets. Hence, it is cardinal that the website is optimized for both. The lesser time a website takes in loading, the lesser will be your bounce rate i.e. the number of visitors who close the particular website from the first page.

Content Writing Services

“Content is King”- Bill Gates prophesied approximately a decade ago. Content is one dimension that will best describe a business. Appropriate content obligates the viewer to click on it, which will direct him/her to your web portal. If made appealing enough, effective content is the lead generator and will multiply the growth of the concerned business. However, the Digital Marketer needs to strategize the publishing as well. Connected with Social Media Marketing, content is no less than hypnotizing your reader to surf through your website. As content writing, increases credibility, bringing in more visitors, decreasing the bounce rate, and does much more, combined with SEO it becomes the profit booster of a business.

Creative Design Services

Logo Design & Branding

A logo is a graphical mark used to identify a company, organization, product or brand.Get a refined and unique logo design and branding for your firm through Unilead. We have excellent graphic designers who will make an attractive logo that represents your company!

Graphic Design & Print Design

Unilead has top notch graphic design and print design facilities. Whether you want to add something graphical or need print design work done at the earliest, we are here for you. We have experienced designers who can deliver best designing work for your corporate identity. We can design excellent brochures, visiting cards and many other items for you.

UI/UX Design

Need UI/UX design help? The first thing that attracts your customer is the design of your website. The site is the face of your business in the digital world. So, it becomes a necessity to have the best UI/UX designers. Well, Unilead has some of the most outstanding UI/UX designers who will customize what you exactly require. Get a unique interface for your app now through us.

Web & Mobile App Design

Want a web and mobile app design solution? Unilead is well-known for creating some of the most unique, attractive and diverse mobile plus web applications. We can develop appealing templates for your applications in order to bring the relevancy and appeal to your brand.

Video Editing

We edit videos in a way that they look effortlessly beautiful. If you often need someone to work on your videos and edit some big projects, you can always trust Unilead with it. Our team of professional editors can create video presentations according to the requirements you have.

3d Walkthroughs

3D walkthroughs are a great boost for your work. If you want a realistic and interesting walkthrough for the office, hotel, resort or a building, Unilead offers top notch and quality services for the same.

IT Infrastructure Services

Web Hosting

Our web hosting services will make your site visible locally and globally with our techniques. You can leave your entire site to us and we will do the needful work to make it visible all across the world.

Domain Registration

Want a name for your site which is registered and only yours? Unilead can help you with domain registration procedure. Small start-up businesses may not know how they can get a domain name which is why we are here!

Cloud Solutions

Get a cloud based website and app which makes it easy to store all your contents plus work. Never lose any data with our cloud solutions! Unilead has the most secure and excellent cloud based solution for you.

Dedicated Server Solutions

Reserve a network through our dedicated server solutions easily. Unilead has the finest solutions for all your requirements. We help make your job easy and efficient by providing incredible help.

Wireless Solutions

Need integrated wireless solutions in your office space or on any personal device for work? Unilead can now make your computer efficient by connecting the hardware to a wireless source which makes it easy for you to use WIFI and Bluetooth.

Bulk SMS

In Digital Era Bulk SMS is a supper fast, cost-effective and reliable source to send text message for advertisements, Services related intimation to your valuable customers. As we are one of the world's leading bulk SMS providers, our bulk SMS solutions used to send high volumes of messages which help you to connect, interact with customers, Suppliers, employees and partners all over the world.

Unilead offer
  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Priority OD
  • Enterprise
  • Voice SMS
Main Feature Our SMS Services
  • User friendly interface
  • Ultimate support
  • 100% delivery
  • Long term validity
  • Smart API Integration with Software

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Security Solution


Get fingerprints, eye texture, hand patterns and voice along with face recognition system fixed in your systems. We have the best security solutions which will verify the safe use through the biometrics and RFID method.


A CCTV is a must in every area to protect and record throughout the day. If you have been wanting one in your space, you have come to the right source. Unilead has excellent security systems in store!


Deny access control for unverified users and for websites that are restricted to be used at work. You can control the entire system through a simple security solution, access control.


We have outstanding RFID cards that are useful for hotels, resorts, offices and more. You can now get the entire system fixed in your space to increase the security of who enters and who doesn’t enter the building.


A GPS device is a saviour for everyone and if you want a fantastic, quick plus unique device, Unilead is the perfect spot. Since we have quality security solutions, we have a GPS device that is extraordinary.