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Unilead Software Solution in search of dedicated Channel Partner, who are ready to devote their time to reach the peak of success. Channel Partner must have incredible marketing skills, knowledge in IT and accounts & finance.

As we all know in these days everyone is searching product related to their business which is local to them. It’s Because of trust factor and after sale issue So Unilead Software Solution always find the business partner to full fill the client satisfaction level.

Unilead Software Solution already has Strong client base in India its only because of our Channel Partner. Basically our 70% business through our Channel Partner network. Therefore, our partners are not only part of our business, they are pillars of our strength. They are our core marketing source whose deliver our products and its importance in market.

How we can Work Together

It is quick and easy option to work with us because you have to provide prospectus lead only. In the beginning, Unilead Software Solution recommends opting for the referral program, in this program no deep knowledge require to sell the product because referral has to forward just query to Unilead.

What are your responsibilities for a referral?

  • Developing knowledge about the local market
  • Creating awareness for the people about benefits of Unilead products, services and the existing network.

What are the benefits?

  • Can Get attractive margin.
  • It will help you enjoy shared growth with Unilead and build a trusted partnership
  • You will have the upper hand in upcoming future projects in the IT field with Unilead.

A Channel Partner has to spend the time and dedication towards the business. You should have the perfect skills, knowledge selling tricks in IT and accounts. We recommend you start with the referral program and then work the ladder up till the business program once the sales are doing good.

What are the responsibilities of a business partner?

  • You have to develop the local market
  • Create awareness about the brand, products, services, and networks of Unilead
  • Activity perform pre-sale work like getting new clients, following up, giving them the demo and much more.
  • Complete the Documentation from client like quotation and order forms etc.
  • Collection of payments

What are the benefits?

  • It is an attractive margin program comparatively referral program.
  • for deep knowledge of product.
  • Trusted partnership and opportunities of growth with Unilead
  • Preference in our upcoming projects in IT

Prompt and efficient pre-sales, during the sale and post-sales aid.

If you want to take perks of the opportunity to become Channel Partner and join hands with Unilead, the first initial step is to fill out the correct information. Join our network of the profitable venture with the referral program, and once you have had quite a few referrals and good knowledge of product, you can become our Channel Partner.

What are the responsibilities of a Channel Partner?

  • Develop the local market
  • Alerting the people about Unilead Software Solution products and services plus existing network.
  • Performing pre-sale activities like Generate new clients Query, providing demos, following up. Ultimately business partner has to matured to lead.
  • Documentation like quotation and order form processing
  • Payment confirmations and collection if lead matured.
  • Installation of software and implementation
  • Client satisfaction.
  • Get reference from existing Clients for business growth.

Benefits of this program?

  • Attractive margin program
  • Implementation and support of module training for deep knowledge of product.
  • Preference in the upcoming future for opportunities in IT fields with Unilead
  • Trusted partnership and opportunity for growth with Unilead
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